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Ah! It's Hal-lo-ween!

Monday October 31, 2005

Jesus, it's Halloween already. Since the last time I posted, I went to ProgPower in Atlanta, bought a motorcycle and rode it from Charleston, SC to PA, went to probably a dozen small concerts, finished recording the Pharaoh album, purchased, at a reasonable sum, the first eight Van Halen albums, was nominated and withdrawn as a candidate for the US Supreme Court, and ate entirely too much eastern European food at a football game in which the Eagles were roundly beaten. So much to talk about, and yet I've said nothing! And don't be fooled by this post- I'm only writing now so that there will not be an entirely empty month in my archive.

Though I do really enjoy handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, I'm going to see a concert tonight instead. Opeth is the headliner, with support from Nevermore and Into Eternity. I'm going mainly for Into Eternity, but I like all of the bands, to some extent, even though I think Opeth are pretty boring on stage and Nevermore has gotten a little too complacent in their sound. I'd say a show review was forthcoming, with pictures and all, but by now you'd know I was lying, and you'd hate me for it.

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